Tuesday, August 06, 2013

The future of content management: industry insider predictions

Rasmus Skjoldan, Creative Lead at MOC has asked a group of people about their thoughts on the future of our industry.

Screenshot of slides that collect CMS industry insider statements about the future of content management

Background to this is his task to create NEOS, the new UI for Typo3, a CMS. Rasmus is a great guy, so I was happy to provide my input even though at the time we were just releasing Magnolia 5, our own take on a CMS that is ready for the future. In case you have missed it, here is my statement, meant to inspire the next generation(s) of a great UI, no matter which CMS you work on. It is also a reflection on how the world of web publishing has changed, and how many of the CMS's really haven't.

The CMS has become the center, the hub, the nexus of digital communication. Everybody has become a content creator. Organizations have become publishers to succeed in digital marketing, services and sales.
The world is on the move – it has become mobile and ever faster changing. Yet most software products are still stuck in the 90's style "death by dropdown" user interaction paradigm. Software creators need to move on, need to provide the flexibility to keep pace with the evolving web. We need to provide usability that inspires great content and allows people to produce great customer experiences.
Leave the 90s behind. Define the future. Be bold. Change the world.

CMSWire picked it up and the predictions became a highly successful post for them. You can find all of the quotes & insights in Rasmus' slides on Slideshare. It was a great initiative, and I thank Rasmus for pulling it off.