Thursday, January 26, 2012

Magnolia CMS in 2011 – another amazing year

2011 has been another incredible year for Magnolia. From 4 people in 2006 we grew to 28 employees (plus a handful of externals) at the end of 2011. Read on for some insight into what has happened in 2011.

A lot has been achieved last year even though for the first time in our history we did not release a new version of Magnolia. This is surprising on one hand; on the other it shows just how far we have come. Quite a number of maintenance releases have been published. Version 4.4.5 probably set a new record at Magnolia, with fixing nearly 100 issues. And we do have Magnolia 4.5 in the making, which will be released at the end of February 2012 and all things considered is possibly the biggest effort we have ever put into a single release.

Two years ago we set out to change one aspect about Magnolia in particular: its documentation. Our documentation team has grown to three persons. Documentation has been a full blown success. Where 2 years ago we would get bad comments about our lack of documentation, today we get positive feedback up to the level that decisions for Magnolia are made because of the quality of documentation. The statistics do reflect this: in the last 12 months we had a stunning 70% growth in unique visitors to our documentation site. During the same time, our corporate site traffic has grown by 17.5%.

Business has reflected our strong position. Worldwide, the number of license subscriptions has grown by 32% last year. Our expansion efforts in the USA resulted in an astounding 60% growth in license subscriptions for Magnolia Americas, which now holds 20% of our subscriptions worldwide.

Notable Client wins in 2011:
  • Atlassian, USA
  • Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF), France
  • Basler Versicherungen, Schweiz
  • Bundesrechenzentrum GmbH (BRZ GmbH), Austria
  • Editora Meio & Mensagem Ltda., Brazil
  • FOXTEL Channels Group, Australia
  • Leroy Merlin España S.L.U., Spain
  • Lufthansa Systems Network Services GmbH, Germany
  • MBC, Middle East (Dubai)
  • Michelin Brazil, Brazil
  • Scientific Learning, USA
  • Sheffield City Council, UK
  • Zumba Fitness, USA
(Links added where sites are already live and/or publicly visible). We now hold an astonishing 7% of the worlds global 100 enterprises as our customers, and fully expect this number to grow much higher in the coming years.

Furthermore, in 2011 we have added the following new partners:
  • Cross Agency
  • Fast Forward
  • Priocept
  • Serviceplan
  • T8y
  • Tribal DDB
  • Ventiv
  • VML
In terms of Facebook Likes, we have seen 57% growth and have 830 fans today. Our Linkedin group has 241 members, with nearly 70% growth last year.

We held our first two webinars in 2011, wrote 8 new case studies, won a Red Herring Top 100 Europe Award, are a sponsor of the Web Experience Management Interoperability (WEMI) standard at OASIS and added an arabic landing page ( A whopping 64 (prev: 40) blogs entries have been written by Magnolians this year to help spread the word and our support team has solved 554 issues, 62% more than in 2010.

Our biggest goal for 2012 is the release of Magnolia 5. For 3.5 years we have designed and redesigned Magnolia's next UI. Last year we have seen a new phenomenon: iPads take the enterprise by storm. Apple recently stated that 93% of Fortune 500 companies either test or already deploy the iPad. This has made us change our plans for Magnolia's future UI in mid 2011, and by the end of 2011 we finally had the breakthrough in interaction design we have all been waiting for. Magnolia 5 will be the first CMS on the market that has been designed for touch. This is tremendously exciting and will be a watershed event for us.

All our efforts will be focused on not only delivering the product but also to be ready for the opportunities that Magnolia 5 will create for our business. Obviously we will need to grow, and our growth will bring changes. We will ensure that these changes will not happen by accident, and that our growth remains manageable.

Luckily our financial position is excellent. Magnolia has no external obligations. We are independent in every aspect, where most competitors are either part of larger corporation (e.g. Fatwire (Oracle), Day (Adobe)) or have financial dependencies (e.g. venture capital). Others depend on services to finance their product development and in this way compete against their partners. Magnolia on the other hand has a sustainable license model that ensures a steady cash flow without competing against our partners.

We have great plans for 2012, which will be a really busy year for all of us. As you can see from this review, we are in pole position to make 2012 a year to remember. I am looking forward to it.

PS: Join us. You will like it.


  1. Yeah, Magnoliafolk! Great to see all of these numbers, and the successes they represent. Looking forward to seeing Magnolia 4.5 out in the world, especially its mobile support. Keep it up!

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