Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Time to switch your job. Work for Magnolia CMS!

Since 2006, Magnolia staff has been growing an average 50% per year. That means next year we'll likely hire up to 20 people for our three main locations Miami, Basel (Switzerland) and Kromeriz (Czech Republic). Hop over to our Magnolia CMS jobs section to see the current open position at all three locations.

So why would you want to work for Magnolia? For one thing, it is a truly international experience (it's even in our name: "Magnolia International Ltd."). It is a small but dynamic company that slowly but surely works its way towards its original goal of building the world's best content management system. Our high standards regarding the quality of what we deliver, not only in code but also in documentation and communication, start to be noticed. Today, 7% of the Global 100 Enterprises are Magnolia CMS customers. And we see this number rise.

But beyond our obvious success, and the fact that Magnolia's growth is entirely financed through  revenue, you will find that it is a unique culture that drives our success. We are a company that prides itself on its openness. We talk with our customers, with each other, with partners and the wider community about where we are at and where we want to go. We believe our strength is in focus and execution, not in secrecy or sales. With Magnolia, we hire great people and provide opportunity to develop yourself. We love to help you grow to your fullest potential, so if you find that you want to switch from one position to another, we are happy to help you make that transition.

With many other product-oriented companies your main task will be to provide services to clients. At Magnolia, we focus on product development. All projects are done by partners, not Magnolia. And we don't do body-leasing either. So you get to stay in the office and actually know the rest of the staff! Sometimes of course, we'll also send people to help clients with architecture consulting or training, as far away as Australia. So you get an ideal mix of getting out of the office occasionally and still having a sustainable lifestyle. About work-life balance: we don't work on weekends, nor long hours. Good for you, and your family.

On some days (like today), even Santa drops by!

So, time to check out the Magnolia CMS jobs section and apply! Looking forward to hear from you.