Wednesday, November 02, 2011

How U.S. Navy uses the Spring Framework to sign up recruits

The Magnolia community has known that is powered by Magnolia (and the Java Spring framework from Springsource) at least since Matt Dertinger of Campbell Ewald has given his talk at the Magnolia Conference 2010. But now we are upping the ante by providing you with a webinar featuring no less than Tobias Mattson, the core developer of Magnolia's Spring integration, together with Sean McMains, Magnolia Sales Engineer, and Matt Dertinger, who works on the various U.S. Navy websites.

The Spring framework is used by many of Magnolia's customers to extend their products and services to the web. Their virtual presence such becomes a portal into their business, allowing website visitors to  directly interact with back-end systems like e.g. a booking engine.

The beauty of Blossom (Magnolia's Spring integration technology) is that Spring developers get to work from their point of view. In other words, they pretty much stay within Spring (and Java code) and need to know very little about Magnolia CMS.

I encourage you to join our Springsource webinar and learn how Campbell Ewald has used Magnolia's Blossom module, integrated Spring into Magnolia CMS, and improved the web experience for their visitors. By using Magnolia and Blossom, you can open up your business processes to the web without the pain and overhead of a portal infrastructure, and that prospect alone is certainly worth attending. Enjoy!