Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Open Source 2011 Survey sees flexibility as driver

The Open Source 2011 Survey (answered by 455 participants, 60% non-vendors) has lead to some interesting results.

I would like to highlight the question "what makes open source software (OSS) attractive". Here are the three main drivers that make OSS attractive from a customer's perspective:
  1. Freedom from Vendor lock-in
  2. Lower costs
  3. Flexibility

"lower costs" no longer dominates the list like it has in the past 3 years. This year "freedom from vendor lock-in" is the number one attraction of open-source software. And it is the first time that "flexibility" is in the top three.

For Magnolia that plays right into our value proposition:
  • no vendor lock in, since our customers have access to the source code, can choose between a large network of implementation partners, and we support open standards so it is easy to move on should you want to (incidentally, our customers prefer to stay with Magnolia once they have experienced the difference great software can make to their business results and staff's happiness)
  • Lower costs has moved down from the top spot, and it should. Magnolia competes on value, not (licensing) price. Which doesn't mean we don't provide an excellent deal – Magnolia's Standard Templating Kit will significantly reduce your total cost of ownership, and no matter what we charge for Magnolia, the STK benefits alone outweigh the price.
  • Flexibility – a recent independent analyst report has found Magnolia CMS to be the most flexible CMS system on the market (free download after registration). This is no coincidence. We know that every customer has different needs, and we know that the web is evolving faster than I can type this blog. It is only natural we ensure Magnolia CMS can easily be adapted to every whim of your marketing boss, integrate with every legacy backend that is powered by electricity and incorporate the latest fad printed in glossy magazines typically read by your CEO in trans-atlantic business class flights.
If you want to learn more about the Open Source 2011 Survey results, the 451 group has a report you can download from their website (registration necessary)