Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy Old Year, Happy New Year for Magnolia CMS

We are happy to say that 2009 has been the best year ever in Magnolia's corporate history. We are entering 2010 in a very strong position. We have a great team, a great product, great customers and our financial position is strong. Our license revenue has increased more than 60% for the third year in a row and has now reached about 75% of total revenue, clearly in line with our strategy to leave services to our partners and focus on product development, sales, marketing and education.

On the documentation front, the realization that documentation is as important as the product has resulted in significant more investment into documentation. While unfortunately, some of it has not yet left a visible trace, documentation has significantly improved in many areas. Most importantly, we have just added a full-time technical writer to our team and fully expect our vision for the documentation become a reality in 2010 (some pretty exciting ideas - stay tuned!)

In addition, 2 more new positions will be filled in January, making Magnolia bigger and stronger than ever. So expect great things form us in 2010 - and we expect great things from you! We have seen growing community activity, many cool modules have been developed and the Magnolia Conference was a personal highlight in my life. Thank you for your continued support!

So Happy New Year to all of you. We are looking forward to a fantastic 2010 together with you!