Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Magnolia On Air reactions

We have launched Magnolia On Air, our new broadcast content management system, at Gilbane last week. The reaction has been extremely positive. We were mentioned at Gilbane during a presentation by Forrester as a showcase for Open Source systems that provide Digital Asset Management. I have given various interviews, which was a great experience. We have had some serious interest from TV stations and a very large international non-profit organization.

One of the interviews was with Eileen Mullan of EContent, who has published her article about Magnolia On Air.

CMSWire has written a great article:  "the real television (even with the benefits of OnDemand and TiVo) is struggling to keep its little antennae above water. But Magnolia On Air, the new Broadcast Content Management system from Magnolia, may be just what it needs to stay afloat". 

Magnolia On Air is a collaboration between Magnolia and Futurelab, who brings extensive technological and vertical business knowhow to the solution. Right now we have finalized the first project for RTSI, the Swiss Italian Radio & TV Channel, who will replace their existing site with OnAir in spring. This means we have a fully working system, many components of which are tried and proven. The value of OnAir is in the combination and integration of the components and the marketing focus on the broadcasting industry.

I am sure we will be able to publish more details once RTSI goes live with OnAir, but it is already clear that the new power Magnolia On Air provides for the multi-media division of a broadcaster will speed up time to publish massively and reduce costs to do so significantly.

This is the first collaboration that results in significant value-add to our open-source platform Magnolia. We have received interest for many more such collaborations and it is well possible that this will be a major business driver in the coming years.