Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New blogpost by Vivian about Magnolia's future architecture

Vivian has written another excellent article about our work on GenUIne, the future GUI architecture of Magnolia. (BTW, I love Vivian's scribbles)

Vivian explains that the main motivation of GenUIne is ease-of-development. Obviously this has no immediate benefit for the end-user. After all, the end user or buyer of Magnolia doesn't know how hard or easy it is to provide her with an easy-to-use product like Magnolia.

However, the benefits will be apparent very soon. First, it will keep my team and our partners happy (because they enjoy working with Magnolia even more) and it will make it easier to add great new functionality faster - for everybody. This includes ourselves, our partners, any shop selling Magnolia-based projects and the people at our client's IT department. So the benefit will be quite visible soon enough for sure. 

GenUIne will also sport a gorgeous new interface for AdminCentral – as a side effect; or proof-of-concept you might say. And that will definitely please our end users the day we release it.