Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New blogpost by Vivian about Magnolia's future architecture

Vivian has written another excellent article about our work on GenUIne, the future GUI architecture of Magnolia. (BTW, I love Vivian's scribbles)

Vivian explains that the main motivation of GenUIne is ease-of-development. Obviously this has no immediate benefit for the end-user. After all, the end user or buyer of Magnolia doesn't know how hard or easy it is to provide her with an easy-to-use product like Magnolia.

However, the benefits will be apparent very soon. First, it will keep my team and our partners happy (because they enjoy working with Magnolia even more) and it will make it easier to add great new functionality faster - for everybody. This includes ourselves, our partners, any shop selling Magnolia-based projects and the people at our client's IT department. So the benefit will be quite visible soon enough for sure. 

GenUIne will also sport a gorgeous new interface for AdminCentral – as a side effect; or proof-of-concept you might say. And that will definitely please our end users the day we release it. switches to Magnolia Enterprise Edition

Today we launched our first-ever PR campaign. And what news!, the community site for the JBoss open-source community, is about to replace their existing infrastructure with Magnolia Enterprise Edition. More than 40 open-source projects will benefit from Magnolia's legendary ease-of-use and powerful flexibility, amongst them open-source brands like Hibernate and Seam.

Right now, the project is still in development, but we expect this to go live within the next 4 weeks. It has been great to work with Mark Newton, Community Lead of, who luckily is based in Zug, about 1hr away from us in Basel. 

Read more about the switch to Magnolia, including a cool case study video, at

Monday, October 20, 2008 back in our hands

A very quick note: since a couple of minutes ago, our nameservers are back in business for This was a massively quick transfer back to us. Within the next 24 hours most of you should find us under again. Since we already changed all of our infrastructure, we will stay with the new domain, which most people like better anyways, but it will give us the chance to keep our good Google ranking. More about all of this when I have more time.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Right now, we do no longer own the domain Since we did not expect this to happen, it means you cannot reach us on the web or via email any longer. You will land at a dummy website. Since all of our business depends on us being found, this is not really funny.

The whole story can be put in rather simple words: when we bought the domain a couple of years ago, it was registered with a a registrar that made it hard for us to move the domain anywhere else, so we simply kept it there instead of moving it to network solutions, where most of our domains are registered. Now, we found out the hard way that the original registrar is part of an elaborate network set up by a squatter, see:

So, while every decent registrar will try to contact you if your domain expires, this has not happened in our case (well, our registered email address was outdated and we could not be reached there any longer, but we did have valid information for the phone and fax). If a decent registrar can't reach you, he will park the domain for 2 weeks and you will see a message like "this domain has not been paid for" or similar. In any case, it should be straightforward to get it back. Not so in our case. The domain has been transferred today without us ever having received a notice. The new owner is Belize Domain WHOIS Service Ltd. who owns about 150k-170k domains. AFAIK ICANN requires that a domain is not transferred without the current owner giving its ok, so the fact that this has been transferred within 30 days after the domain expired is rather striking.

We have sent the new owner of, who is not reachable via phone, an ultimatum and an offer to get back the domain by tomorrow morning 9 AM CET.

Should we not get the domain back, we will relaunch our complete infrastructure on We will start working on that at 9 AM CET tomorrow, hence the ultimatum. Once we start the work, we will not look back. Since we own all of our infrastructure and know how to do these things, we'll be spending the next couple of days in our server room and make it happen. We will also contact everybody that links to us and ask them to rewrite their links.

So for anyone wanting to contact us, we'll be back tomorrow on the new domain

And we'll have some great news to share next Wednesday. So whereever you will reach us by then, we'll be celebrating.

Plus think of the positive side: no more spam.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Published interview on InitMarketing.TV

Sandro recently shot a video interview with me discussing Open Source marketing and Magnolia. His recent blog entry provides links to the video in full length and as an excerpt of highlights (see below) as well as the full transcript.

Even though I was rather jet-lagged, doing the interview was a fun exercise. I can now see why politicians use scripted answers ;-)

Here are the highlights of the interview: