Friday, September 12, 2008

CMIS is great for Magnolia

CMIS ( Content Management Interoperability Services) has been proposed by some industry heavyweights (Microsoft, IBM and EMC) as a new standard to exchange information between CM systems.

Lars has written an excellent roundup of what has happened this week with the announcement of a new acronym in the Content Management world.

Just as Lars, I was amazed about some of the reactions. If you believe the hype, JSR-170 is dead and CMIS has cured cancer and AIDS in a single stroke of genius.

Let me look beyond the hype and ask the simple questions "what is in it for me"? The outlook for Magnolia and other open-source or "smaller" (i.e. less pricey) systems is only improved by the ability to access the fat cat's information silos. Systems like Magnolia will bring agility, ease-of-use and cost-effectiveness to developing "non-strategic" applications against large vendors infrastructure, which somehow sounds more attractive for us than it does for Documentum et al. In any case, if it really happens and really works, it is good for the customer, who finally would get a choice. I for one have reason to look forward to that.