Saturday, May 17, 2008

Presenting at JavaSIG in New York

I will give a presentation next Wednesday for the New York JavaSIG, thanks to an invitation by Frank Greco, its founder. Also, Emil Ong of Gaucho will be presenting their Resin application server. The event takes place at the Google Engineering Offices, 76 Ninth Avenue (between 15th/16th St), 4th Floor in New York. Cool. That's right around the corner from where I live; I can walk there.


Provided you have no product development experience, an unproven business model and no funding, would you set out to enter an already overcrowded marketplace?

Magnolia is the story of four people who did; and almost failed; and almost failed again; and succeeded in the end, because they truly believe in one thing:

Simplicity matters.

You will learn how our focus on simplicity makes Magnolia so attractive for our clients, for developers and for ourselves, and you will gain first insights into how we develop "Genuine", the new GUI for Magnolia 4.0.

Along the way, you will learn how a small team out of Switzerland was able to create a product that is used around the world, is loved by its users and developers, and supports a solid 100% growth rate with an open source business model; and how you can, too.


  1. Any chance for a recording of the event? I'd love to get more info on the Mag 4.0 UI.

  2. I asked Frank, seems at the moment no recording is planned. If the Casio Exilim EX-V8 I just ordered arrives in time, I might try to put it to use... but I am not sure the result will be worthwhile ;-)

  3. Hey Boris! Is this an event open to the public? Your fans would love to come and support you! =;)

  4. You need to register w) JavaSIG on their site, which is free AFAIK. Once registered you simply register for the event.