Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Opening up: concepts, backlog and roadmap now available on the wiki

More good news from Magnolia: we have just made our internal documentation available on the Magnolia Development wiki (where you also find Gregs blogs).

We have added the sections Backlog (containing info about which features and functionality we have internally discussed and voted on), Roadmap (obvious) and most importantly Concepts - a section exploring and explaining various concepts related to the coming Magnolia releases.

The 3.6 release will focus on Backup, Caching and Transactional Activation, and you will find the information interesting because the functionality is part of 3.6.

However, I expect a somewhat bigger impact from "Genuine", our research into the future GUI for Magnolia. Of course, the fact that this info is now open doesn't mean it will happen, or happen any time soon. It just means this is stuff we think about, and would love to do.


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