Friday, May 30, 2008

Magnolia 3.5.8 released

Today we released Magnolia 3.5.8 Community and Enterprise Edition. The last official release was 3.5.4 back in February. Why the 3.5.8 and not 3.5.5? Our release process will tag a release in SVN (our version control system) when we build the release; and things can still go wrong after that. 

Magnolia, when you download it, is a "bundle"; quite a number of modules will be bundled together into the various Magnolia bundles we provide. These bundles include the Community Edition and Enterprise Edition in various configurations, for instance we have specific bundles for Weblogic or Websphere that differ from a standard Magnolia Community Edition bundle.

Each of the 25 modules that make up Magnolia CE and EE has its own release cycle and its own release numbering (see jira, which list the modules we work on). The crucial part is that the actual release depends on the "Magnolia" module, i.e. the version number of that module is also the version number of our release. This is somewhat natural, since this is the "core" of Magnolia.

So whenever we tag the "Magnolia" module for a potential release, the release number goes up, and when we have finalized and released a build successfully, the final release number might look as if we skipped a number of releases. As you now know, we did not.

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