Friday, May 30, 2008

Magnolia 3.5.8 released

Today we released Magnolia 3.5.8 Community and Enterprise Edition. The last official release was 3.5.4 back in February. Why the 3.5.8 and not 3.5.5? Our release process will tag a release in SVN (our version control system) when we build the release; and things can still go wrong after that. 

Magnolia, when you download it, is a "bundle"; quite a number of modules will be bundled together into the various Magnolia bundles we provide. These bundles include the Community Edition and Enterprise Edition in various configurations, for instance we have specific bundles for Weblogic or Websphere that differ from a standard Magnolia Community Edition bundle.

Each of the 25 modules that make up Magnolia CE and EE has its own release cycle and its own release numbering (see jira, which list the modules we work on). The crucial part is that the actual release depends on the "Magnolia" module, i.e. the version number of that module is also the version number of our release. This is somewhat natural, since this is the "core" of Magnolia.

So whenever we tag the "Magnolia" module for a potential release, the release number goes up, and when we have finalized and released a build successfully, the final release number might look as if we skipped a number of releases. As you now know, we did not.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Presenting at JavaSIG in New York

I will give a presentation next Wednesday for the New York JavaSIG, thanks to an invitation by Frank Greco, its founder. Also, Emil Ong of Gaucho will be presenting their Resin application server. The event takes place at the Google Engineering Offices, 76 Ninth Avenue (between 15th/16th St), 4th Floor in New York. Cool. That's right around the corner from where I live; I can walk there.


Provided you have no product development experience, an unproven business model and no funding, would you set out to enter an already overcrowded marketplace?

Magnolia is the story of four people who did; and almost failed; and almost failed again; and succeeded in the end, because they truly believe in one thing:

Simplicity matters.

You will learn how our focus on simplicity makes Magnolia so attractive for our clients, for developers and for ourselves, and you will gain first insights into how we develop "Genuine", the new GUI for Magnolia 4.0.

Along the way, you will learn how a small team out of Switzerland was able to create a product that is used around the world, is loved by its users and developers, and supports a solid 100% growth rate with an open source business model; and how you can, too.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Opening up: concepts, backlog and roadmap now available on the wiki

More good news from Magnolia: we have just made our internal documentation available on the Magnolia Development wiki (where you also find Gregs blogs).

We have added the sections Backlog (containing info about which features and functionality we have internally discussed and voted on), Roadmap (obvious) and most importantly Concepts - a section exploring and explaining various concepts related to the coming Magnolia releases.

The 3.6 release will focus on Backup, Caching and Transactional Activation, and you will find the information interesting because the functionality is part of 3.6.

However, I expect a somewhat bigger impact from "Genuine", our research into the future GUI for Magnolia. Of course, the fact that this info is now open doesn't mean it will happen, or happen any time soon. It just means this is stuff we think about, and would love to do.


Greg joins the Magnolia blogging initiative

Hey, we are on a roll! Greg just started blogging his thoughts about Magnolia on our confluence installation. Feel free to join us.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Launching all blogs

We at Magnolia are in the process of launching a team blogging initiative. Philipp and I will start blogging more about what is happening here at the core of Magnolia, what we are working on and what we think about. This is of course Sandro's idea, but it takes some evangelizing from my side to get my team to spend time on blogging instead of coding...

We'll add a blog aggregation later on the Magnolia dev section. For now, enjoy Philipp's first blog post.