Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Content Here publishes "Open Source Web Content Management in Java" report

Seth has finished the first version of his "Open Source Web Content Management in Java" report, which covers the seven leading Open Source Java Content Management systems: Magnolia, and ... six others whose names I can't remember.

OK, OK, the report covers Alfresco, Apache Lenya, Daisy CMS, Hippo CMS, Jahia, Magnolia, and OpenCms, and as such is pretty comprehensive.

It includes:
  • strategies for evaluating different types of open source projects
  • how to consider open source in conjunction with commercial options
  • insights into the project communities, their histories and their outlooks
  • a rating system for comparing/contrasting the open source WCM options
The report gives a pretty solid introduction into Magnolia as a product, project and the community aspects and is definitely worth the 800$ price tag if you think about aquiring a new CMS, no matter if open source or not. Get it here:

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