Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Open Source "One Laptop Per Child" getting started for real

It seems like Nicholas Negroponte pretty much has gotten his baby out the door. I have watched his "One Laptop Per Child" with high interest in the last three years, and it looks as if the product is about ready to be released. For those that have not heard about this (where have you been hiding?) - the idea is to change the world by providing ultra-cheap laptops to children in places that often pretty much lack everything we take for granted in our electrofested daily lives. These laptops, originally planned to be available for 100$ each (minimum order size is somewhere in the millions) are now available for 200$ a piece, donations welcome. Read up on the details somewhere else, this baby cool.

Ah yeah, if you are interested to get your hands on one without ordering 999,999 others, there will be a limited time window of two weeks to do so if you join the "Give 1, Get 1" initiative. For the price of tax-deductible 400$ you get one laptop, and a second one will be donated to someone that really needs it. Think twice if it would not make more sense to just donate 2 XO's for the same price, and forego the "I want one" urge. The real sex-appeal of this machine lies in it's ad-hoc networking, which you will hardly experience if you are the only kid on the block having one at home, and honestly, you will feel much better knowing that the second $200 went to a kid that might one day change the world, instead of adding to the heap of techno-trash you have assembled in your studio. But still... better get one and give one, than get none and give none.

Any of course, XO's software is open-source, just like Magnolia.

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