Monday, October 22, 2007

Magnolia to be delivered with next iX

Back at the time when I was still reading technical magazines, iX was my weekly fare. Well, the new release of Germany's leading unix magazine iX will have Magnolia included in their selection of Open Source CMS, and comes with the software (CE) on the CD accompanying the publication. When we started out with Magnolia, I said it will take 5 years to be mainstream. It is just a few weeks to our forth anniversary, and it seems we are starting to get the traction I was anticipating. Looks like I have to read another issue of iX after all these years ...


  1. so this would be the November 2007 Issue? as you know i've been usally limited to c't and technology review from the same editor, but of cours its a matter of homor, and i feel obliged to buy *this* issue ;-)