Thursday, June 21, 2007

Top three pieces of advice for would-be open source CEOs

  1. For project leads I think that every project is different. It's hard to give general advice. The hardest part is to build up the community and ensure that its not a single-person project, else you will be busy answering emails 20 hours a day.
  2. As a CEO, you should be able to accept that if you do open source business, others will get a big chunk of the revenue that you believe should or could be yours. Anybody can take your project and sell what you sell (service contracts, support, implementation, training or sometimes even the software in the form of derived work) without giving back to you. That is part of the game. You need a state of mind that accepts this as a fact of life, and be happy about the business that you do generate for your company.
  3. Don't forget to go sailing on weekends.

Read the rest of my thoughts on Matt Asay's cnet blog.

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  1. to go sailing on the weekends is definitly the most important thing!