Monday, June 11, 2007

Jazoon and Magnolia

I just learnt that Jazoon is running on Magnolia. While this is an honor, I am disappointed that it is not mentioned anywhere on their site. We have not been invited to the conference, got no free tickets, got no slot to demo Magnolia or a sponsor logo (which technically we are). Given the fact that this conference takes place in Zurich, which is 1h train ride away, thats even more disappointing, since it would have been very painless for us to attend. Anyways, I wish them a great conference. Maybe next year, they don't forget to say "Thank you".

PS: I just sent a mail to the conference organizer, lets see what they come up with.

PPS: This morning I received a mail from Mr. Eberhard, we will receive a slot for a product demo and an additional conference pass. Am I glad I asked? You bet! If you feel like meeting up at Jazoon, drop me a mail (or visit us in Basel, its really just around the corner).

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