Thursday, June 07, 2007

Boris Kraft, the photographer

I just stumbled across a blog entry where it states "Photo: Boris Kraft" as the result of a Google search subscription about myself (yeah, I like myself ;-)). It is the company blog from my brother's design label, "Purple South". And yes, I am the photographer of the farn. I took the foto amongst many others on a trip to New Zealand a couple of years ago, and many of these photos have also been sold to the NZ tourist department, so I expect some of these to show up in others places, too.

As far as I know, my photos have been published two more times: once I entered the "picture of the week" for a news paper (and won), and once some of my "work" has been published in the Metropolis magazine through an article written by Constantine Boym, a Russian designer located in NYC.

Fun stuff to find through Google search ;-)

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