Monday, February 12, 2007

Magnolia on JOSS4BIZ

I have had the honor of being interviewed by Paul Worrall of JOSS4BIZ, who has previously interviewed the likes of Brian Chan, CEO of Liferay or David E. Jones (Apache OfBiz). The sound quality needs a bit of getting used to, but Paul assures you its worth listening to it. It has been great fun to do this, Paul has asked some excellent questions. Now all we need is the automatic "um" filter, right? ;-)

Listen now to the audio interview about Magnolia's past, present and future!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

France24 - France's answer to BBC News/CNN powered by Magnolia

Now the news is out and all over the press in France: France's flagship news channel is powered by Magnolia. Its a very impressive system, the site itself is available in 4 languages including arabic (right to left writing!) and contains lots of rich media like video etc.

Here is a screenshot that proves the point. (Note the green Magnolia edit-bars).

Its probably the biggest Magnolia reference to date in terms of visibility and traffic (1.2 million unique visitors in the first three weeks!). With a budget of 86 Million € its a pretty big undertaking. It should generate significant new business for Magnolia France. Good news.