Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Top spot on Javalobby ... and their newsletter

Javalobby has pinned a discussion about Magnolia powering their network as the top news item on their homepage, and in addition we were the top feature of their weekly newsletter. Needless to say, we are very happy about that. (Thanks Rick and Matt!).

Matt, Rick and I first talked about Magnolia powering their network of sites maybe 1.5 years ago. Back then, Javalobby decided it was to early to replace their custom software with a standard CMS like Magnolia. Since then, Magnolia has steadily improved, and JSR170 is much more on people´s minds than even one year ago.

We (Greg, me, Rick & Matt) had a two hour session today where we discussed the major requirements for their new infrastructure, which Magnolia can easily fulfil. Also Rick played around with their installation of the Enterprise Edition and enjoyed Magnolia´s ease-of-use.

I am excited about the fact that the best Java Community site likes what we do. Its up to them to see if Magnolia makes their lives easier or not - as stated in my last post, everybody in the CMS space has different needs. And replacing an existing system is always a major undertaking - to let go of all you have built yourself, to be at the mercy of something prefabricated - is usually difficult for any developer. But in the long run its inevitable.

By the way, this is just as true for Magnolia itself. We constantly discuss replacing parts of our product with new stuff that has been created by other projects. Its a lot of work, but it has significant benefits once its accomplished. For one, know-how of the product is not in the head of the one or two persons that developed it. And it might even be documented! In any way, its less work to maintain, and allows us to focus on the parts where we can add value.

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