Monday, November 20, 2006

Magnolia EE out - and Javalobby in?

Its been a long while since my last post, and if you look at, you know why. We have managed to release Magnolia® 3.0 Enterprise Edition on November 15th, exactly three years after our first public release, together with the final release of Magnolia Community Edition and the first public release of Sitedesigner™, a tool to layout sites directly in the browser.

We have worked on Sitedesigner for more than a year. As they say: grass won't grow faster if you pull on it. Some things need time, and if we look back on what we had 6 months ago, we know why Sitdesigner needed that time. We have gone through endless tests and iterations and refinements to make Sitedesigner outstanding. It shows. The attention to details is what makes Sitedesigner a pleasure to work with. Try it.

Javalobby does already like the new Magnolia: There is an ongoing discussion if Magnolia would be a good foundation for their next generation community site. Join it!

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