Monday, August 28, 2006

Magnolia peak

For some reason, this week has seen a strange peak in Magnolia interest. Magnolia has reached a traffic rank of 13'057 on alexa (that means we are currently ranked the 13'057th place of all alexa-tracked websites on earth, which should mean pretty much any website).

Now maybe that doesn't sound so thrilling, but if you know that at the same time our main perceived competitor's rank isn't even available because they are not in the top 100'000 sites, thats not too shabby. Not that I want to make much out of it, but it feels good.

Also, we are likely reaching a cumulative 150'000 downloads in the next 2-4 weeks, another milestone.

What else is news? An impressive list of large companies is in contact with us, we will be closing a number of significant deals in the next few weeks, and today has seen some serious interest in Magnolia from a very large company. Lets keep our fingers crossed!

And I will be in Paris launching Magnolia France later in September, just after the Geek.Meet.

Now all I need is time to write all these press releases…

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