Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Wireless access at conferences costing an arm and a leg

I am in Barcelona right now at the TSS Java Symposium (and should prepare my talk instead of blogging) but here is a rant: while the location is certainly great, charging conference attendees for wireless access stinks. The three day pass for the conference is 1700 USD. The hotel is 280,- or so a night (But I stay in a cheaper place, we are an open-source startup, right?). On top of that, the wireless access is 17.40 €€ (22 USD) per day. Do the math: if 500 people want to access their email for the three days the conference lasts, they collectively pay 11'000 USD. Thats mad.

Besides, you can probably fly to Barcelona for the same amount you pay for a single day of wireless access. If you ask me, competition in the wirless space is not working correctly, or else it could not be so expensive.

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