Monday, June 26, 2006

TSS Java Symposium in Barcelona rocks!

I have been in Barcelona the last couple of days, attending the TSS Java Symposium - TSS's first in Europe. The event was excellent - the speakers were great: Simon Phipps keynote on the "The Zen of Free: Models for Understanding Open Source Software" alone was worth the trip to Barcelona. He really gets what is happening.

TSS Barcelona was also a great place to meet people, which is why I went there - I gave a talk about Magnolia with the goal of raising awareness in the Java community. I have met many interesting people and believe that my goal has been met – although it is always difficult to talk about a product/project at a technology conference.

It was a pleasure meeting all of you, and especially I'd like to say "Congrats" to Nitin and his team of pulling this thing off in just about 6 month's of preparation. I surely hope to be part of it again next year, maybe in Lissabon, Vienna or Prague?

1 comment:

  1. This Symposium worked much better than the first Java.
    1. We got free coffee and food, which we didn’t at JavaOne :-)
    2. We didn’t have the same level of over crowding that we sometimes got at JavaOne sessions; so no sitting on the floor!
    3. The reduced Barcelona numbers in attendance also means reduced numbers of vendors. This had the knock on effect that if we were between sessions, we might struggle to find something constructive to do with our time.