Monday, June 26, 2006

To unknown charters: Expedition Open Source

The last three years have seen preparations of the great expedition called "To unknown charters: Expedition Open Source".

Big ships have set sail long before us, heavy vessels with plenty of food to keep the crew happy. But the tides have changed, and big ships are of little use in shallow waters. Most will be sunken or their crew starved before they reach safe lands again. They set sail when the weather was high and the fish was plenty, but the winds have changed, and so did the fish.

The Magnolia has set sail, and we are picking up good speed - the winds seem benevolent to our undertaking. Our ship is small, fast and agile. Our crew is well trained and multi-disciplinary. Our equipment is versatile and our compass shows the direction of change, the winds of which fills our sails.

Less than a week ago we have spotted the biggest fish so far, and we netted it today. It may have been a small fish for the big vessels, but for the humble Magnolia, its a big catch, clearly showing that for the well-prepared, the exciting journey across the ocean is worth taking the risk.

May long she sail in happy waters!

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