Friday, June 02, 2006


After many years with obinary at Binningerstrasse 15, we move on. B15 was a great place in many (though not all) respects, and many things will be remembered long after we have left. I recall one meeting with all of the top executives of a large retailer (early 2000) where Pascal was presenting a solution downstairs (then still Switzerland's smallest cinema) while I was frantically hacking it together upstairs. Or the time when Cyrill fell through the roof when trying to install the server room air conditioning (luckily nothing happened to him). The neighbours statement "I knew this would happen, this is already the third time" - still makes us wonder why she did not say so before Cyrill fell through the roof. The parties we had after we took over the cinema-come-jazz-club - surely many will remember the Magnolia 2.0 release party! At some time we even rented a second office in the front house on the forth floor. A web cam connection to see what was happening downstairs resulted in a funny movie still out somewhere - Josh called downstairs about 10 times a day just to see them pick up the phone.

Well, its time to say goodbye. And about time. We spend the last two months in the stables ( a former video studio, see the background blue box) as an interims office - no windows. All in one room. Thats because we had to move out of the main room (see deserted picture above) before we could move into our new offices.

This is a rare foto by the way - it shows Philipp, Leonie and Daniel. Leonie is now in Rome - and Daniel has only worked a very short time at obinary.

Well, we moved today. Servers are up and running (thanks Michi and Pascal!), all communication system live (thanks Kurt!), the coffee machine is working (thanks to Philipp, I assume - Sameer usually drinks tea) and the table soccer has found a new home (thanks Fröde!).

Time to say hello to our new place in Maiengasse 30 that already feels so much better! Lights! Action! Maiengasse 30 - Magnolia 3.0. Here we come.

Now all we need is better weather to open up these large barn doors and enjoy amazing tranquility in the center of Basel.

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