Monday, June 05, 2006


Well. If you ever read my enthusiastic endorsement of Sala on LinkedIn you could have known. He is the guy that not only has great ideas, but he also follows up on them. I have watched his idea from the day one (no, I did not buy). It was always clear that there are two options - either it will explode, or it will sooner or later be irrelevant. Well, explode it did. The last time I visited the site before tonight - roughly two weeks ago - he had sold about 64 paintings. As I am writing this, 522 are sold, and I would not be astonished if the rest is gone withing 24 hours - after all, there is apparently a BBC interview coming up.

All of this is no coincidence, if you reads Sala's blog (one of his blogs, that is) you can very much understand how one thing adds to another. There was the funny death ad he copied from a newspaper that ended up on boingboing. And the applet he wrote to visualize Websites that attracted more than 100'000 unique visitors in just 4 days. Whatever Sala does is great.

Well, I am happy that its working out for Sala. After all, he was the person that wrote the first GUI of Magnolia and thus helped lay the foundation for its success.

I used his applet to visualize - very nice, I like visualization tools (right, John?)

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