Thursday, May 18, 2006

Magnolia - BOF at the TSS Barcelona

I have just been accepted as a speaker for the TSS Java Symposium in Barcelona

I will present an introduction to Magnolia 3.0, directed at developers and IT Managers. Its focus is to get you up to speed with Magnolia as a product and as an open-source project. It includes a product demo.

You will learn
  • what Magnolia looks like
  • how standard content management tasks are achieved in Magnolia
  • why Magnolia is interesting from a technical perspective (pluggable anything, AJAX-powered GUI, JSR-170, OpenWFE integration)
  • who is using Magnolia (references, quotes and real-world data)
  • what exists community-wise and where to find more information
  • future directions (Spring, Freemarker, JSF, JSON, ...)

I would be especially interested to raise the project's awareness with leading java developers to get more great minds on-board for the project.

Hope to meet you there!

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