Friday, April 14, 2006

Magnolia Marketing Marathon

Pascal and I spent two days in Ticino with the intention to take a break from our hectic office and prepare the marketing of Magnolia 3.0

Ticino is a fantastic place - the exact opposite of our office - nice view, amazingly quiet, a place were you can reset your brain and start to be yourself again, and be creative.

Unless you are constantly online, using skype to coordinate projects around the world, mobile phones while taking a stroll to the plaza in Locarno and generally do business as usual, which is of course what we ended up doing instead.

Nevertheless, it was great being there, and yes, the pictures really show 40 gramms of red hot chili peppers and a handful of garlic to go into a brilliant fish curry we prepared for dinner on the first evening.

We still have managed to structure our new website and come up with a couple of great ideas.

And the magnolias where in full blossom (just that I did not take a single snapshot). What a beautiful view.

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