Friday, April 28, 2006

fresher than most

With Magnolia 3.0 around the corner, and a new positioning of our products coming with it, we have decided to open-source Magnolia For Documents, our JSR-170 / magnolia-based document management system. The code will probably be checked in later today.

One reason behind this decision is that we strongly believe that Magnolia 3.0 will be so compelling, that our market share will rise significantly anyways, and be further boosted by the open source DMS. Magnolia immediately is the best open-source WCM and DMS available, so this is going to be a fun ride.

We also decided to scrap the planned (commercially licensed) web edition. Instead the community edition will be free, too, and offer functionality that is way beyond anything out there in the open-source area today.

In short, there will be:
  • open source (no binary)
  • community edition - free (binary with mostly open source)
  • enterprise edition - commercial with enterprise features like LDAP and JSR-168 support
  • business process edition - commercial
More soon through our official channels of communication.

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