Sunday, March 19, 2006

Feels like 1999

This week I have hired a new employee (Daniel) on the spot, Pascal was in Spain and sold several Magnolia licenses to the Spanish Government to upgrade their current Magnolia site.

He came back Wednesday at 4PM - I left at 5PM for England, where I gave a 2 day advanced Magnolia user training in Ditcot for Diamond, who are building and running Great Britan's most advanced scientific research lab. The lab (and especially the synchrotron) will most likely become the largest Magnolia deployment in the world with a potential 70+ Magnolia servers - what a supreme reference. They are big Magnolia fans and they ordered licenses.

Friday evening an online order came in for an enterprise license (including CRX). This must have been the most successful week we had in the last couple of years.

Saturday Pascal and I finally had a chance to talk about last week's happenings and future plans. Magnolia 3.0 is going to rock the world pretty seriously.

By the way, we are still hiring.

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