Monday, March 20, 2006

Simply Magnolia

In a press release from yet another venture burning open-source company we read:
Alfresco Announces Simple Open Source at BrainShare(R) 2006; Simple to Install, Simple to Use, Simple to Scale Out
Now this is so similar in its intent to what we announced for Magnolia more than 2 years ago that I am almost flattered. In its current incarnation, its worded as follows:
Magnolia makes content management as easy, fast and flexible as possible. Its streamlined features ensure easy deployment, easy templating and easy editing of your websites.
Magnolia's tag line once was
Everything Easier
And believe me, thats the way it will always be, no matter what the tag line says.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Feels like 1999

This week I have hired a new employee (Daniel) on the spot, Pascal was in Spain and sold several Magnolia licenses to the Spanish Government to upgrade their current Magnolia site.

He came back Wednesday at 4PM - I left at 5PM for England, where I gave a 2 day advanced Magnolia user training in Ditcot for Diamond, who are building and running Great Britan's most advanced scientific research lab. The lab (and especially the synchrotron) will most likely become the largest Magnolia deployment in the world with a potential 70+ Magnolia servers - what a supreme reference. They are big Magnolia fans and they ordered licenses.

Friday evening an online order came in for an enterprise license (including CRX). This must have been the most successful week we had in the last couple of years.

Saturday Pascal and I finally had a chance to talk about last week's happenings and future plans. Magnolia 3.0 is going to rock the world pretty seriously.

By the way, we are still hiring.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Magnolia podcasting

Tom has continued his quest into RSS and now has added podcasting capabilities to the upcoming Magnolia templates. All you need to do is upload a couple of audio files, categorize them (so that the RSS generator has a chance to generate a feed that matches a given category) and Magnolia generates an audio RSS feed (podcast) out of it. Pretty slick.


I am in the process of organizing a class reunion, and a tool that provides a forum, some voting mechanism, a wiki, a foto upload option and an adress book would be very useful. So I'd expect to simply select the tools that I'd like to see, configure them and off we go. Add a sprinkle of RSS and mailinglist support, and the reunion is already half way organized.

So I stumbled across Ning, apparently one of Marc Andreesen's startups.

Its a pretty cool idea - a social webapp builder that is available for free as a hosted service. The elevator pitch is just what the doctor ordered - I have been looking for tools that match my mounting ad-hoc requirements (s.o.), and ning sounds like it could just pull it off.

But no sir, that would just be too simple.

I must say I am uttely unimpressed. Not only was it dead slow (who builds such a thing on PHP?), it crashed on ever second click (thats ok, its beta). The thing that is really annoying is that I could not figure out how to do anything except clone an already existing app, or delve into the dungeons of PHP (a browser that lets you manage all properties of the system is available).

Maybe I missed something obvious, but for the moment I stick to email and phone to organize my reunion.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

snow record

I spend last Saturday with John in the office (see his blog). While we were running a 12 hour coding marathon to solve some pressing issues, it was snowing outside.

It was still snowing when we had some excellent pasta (delivered by Adriano on foot through the mounting snow outside).

When I finally went home, it took 3 cooks and well over 30 minutes (instead of the usual 7 minutes) to get home.

Within 24 hours, half a meter of snow came down on Basel - more then ever recorded. The sight was quite spectacular. So here are two impressions taken from my home.

We had some great fun that Sunday and build a huge half pipe in the garden, which is still mostly covered in deep snow today.

Next time when I meet John I better be prepared for anything ;-)

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Linuxtag with Magnolia

At least one of my proposals for Linuxtag has been accepted - I will be presenting (the business benefits of) Magnolia at Europe's biggest open source conference in Wiesbaden. Looking forward to meet you there!