Sunday, February 26, 2006

Magnolia training rocks - and so does Magnolia

Tom Jensen of Boise Cascade has writen a very positive review for our Magnolia trainings:
I just finished up yesterday at the training for Magnolia down in Laguna Beach, CA. I was glad I went and felt it well worth the time and money to go there. It was so nice to have a knowledgeable instructor (Giancarlo) to help understand Magnolia and how it relates to the JCR. In the past I've thought it a bit odd to have training for an open source project. I thought that I was a wimp if I couldn't just understand the complete concept of the software from reading any docs on it and looking through the code. The training not only will have saved me many hours of head scratching it has helped me to get the vision of what was intended with Magnolia and how to better use it along with the underlying repository.

I am very happy that Tom choose Magnolia. During the evaluation process it was openCMS vs Magnolia in the finals, and when the decision was made, Tom told me that it was pretty clear: they had the users test the two systems for a day, and while users were having a hard time figuring out how openCMS was supposed to work, the opposite was true when it came to Magnolia - they simply could use it without asking questions. The difference must have been striking. Tom sent me he following note:

This is a great product and I'm looking forward to continuing using it. It is not only a simple, intuitive program for end users (content creators) to use but is pretty straight forward in template creation.

Thats exactly what we intended to deliver from the start - looks like we pretty much succeeded.

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