Friday, February 10, 2006

Magnolia in the press

The first part of my article about open source community evaluation - and why it matters for your enterprise - has been published as a cover story in the Enterprise Open Source Journal this week. (See page 60 for my article). The theme of this edition is "Demystifying open source" - a great subject and about time bring to our attention, too.

What I like most is that the same issue mentions Magnolia as one of the 10 popular open source CMS systems - even if Ric Shreves has gotten some things wrong in the article:
  1. the licensing is not dual mode but we have several products, some commercial, some open source
  2. the community is quite extraordinary, with 200 people subscribed to the developer list and some outstanding external (to obinary) core members like Fabrizio (who is also committer for displaytag and Maven) and Alexandru (who has been contributing to a number of open source projects)
  3. there are no modules because the way magnolia works, functional modules are rarely needed. Since the data management is completely dynamic (no database tables to create and rows to add) you can simply define a data unit (paragraph) and are read to rock.


  1. Well written. I didn't even know about this journal before(!). Looking forward to the follow-up. The Magnolia community is still dwarfed by ones like Plone's. Magnolia is somewhat segmented to those who want Java and JCR functionality. The learning curve should be made less steep to attract all those who "just want a CMS".

  2. Could you in a future blog entry discuss how one should compare magnolia against alfresco?