Monday, February 27, 2006

Amgen Tour of California

While I am busy trying to help one of the biggest outsourcing companies in the world to sell Magnolia to one of the greatest airlines of the world for their new intranet, here is what current users say:

Thanks, you guys made my day Magnolia! We just finished up the Amgen Tour of California,, and everyone loved it!

We were very impressed with how Magnolia handled under the load, even before I got caching working. We averaged about 580 hits a second, although that was an overall average and we probably had about 4 times that during lunchtime. This was all running on a single server per magnolia instance, an intel xeon 3.0 ghz processor with 2 Gb of ram.

Again, thanks for a steller product that really worked out! Feel free to contact me (...) if you want more info to maybe put on the magnolia website.

Is it worth 80h weeks? Maybe not, but it sure feels great to know that we make somebody's day out there.

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