Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Sameer found the first feature list for Magnolia. This must have been nearly 3 years ago now (I think we started coding in March 2003). As the chinese proverb goes "A journey of thousand miles starts with the first step" - enjoy!
Obinary CMS OpenSource

Feature list :

Version :1 (very basic)

User Administration
  • None
  • System treats all users as Anonymous
Site/Content Administration
  • Page creating with selected template (user interface)
  • Content editing within page (basic text and image editing tools)
  • Possibility to create 'n' dynamic container lists (multiple components / multiple paragraphs).
  • Image upload (page related or shared images which could be uploaded to the image db)
  • File upload (same as image)
  • Easy editing for multiple sites, multi lingual sites.
  • Easy sharing of content and JSP's within different templates and content pages
  • Site structure is not dependent on language or multiple sites , its entirely up to the authors
Page generation (text based)
  • HTML
  • WML
  • XML
  • Standard API to create and retrieve content, specified structure.. but not restricted to or dependent on any specific implementation (API handling content storage and retrieval in a heirarchical structure)
  • Servlets or JSP templates
  • Templates would represent only a way to store and retrieve/display data
Simple caching
  • Content caching (text / image)
  • Independent to any implementation, authors will be able to push/activate content to various locations
  • Not limited to any number of stages
  • Admin and live sites could be 2 separate stages

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