Sunday, January 15, 2006

LinuxTag - my proposals

I have had a number of ideas for the LinuxTag call-for-papers - but as so often, time only allows to flesh out two of them - which I did.

My first proposal will be a magnolia product presentation for decision makers. This talk will focus on the things that make Magnolia interesting for the enterprise:

We will present an introduction to the business benefits of Magnolia, aimed at decision makers, not developers (but of course everybody is welcome).

The talk will include a product demo to give an impression of the usability benefits of Magnolia, but focus on providing examples of how Magnolia's enterprise aware design provide significant benefits for medium and large enterprises.

We will shortly introduce JSR-170, the new standard for content storage, that has been the basis of Magnolia development. Magnolia currently is the only open source content management system that has been built specifically on JSR-170, but several other projects are starting to see the benefits of a standard repository and are on its way to adopt it.

It will further present the new Magnolia 3.0 architecture which combines Magnolia with openWFE, resulting in the most sophisticated workflow and enterprise application integration possibilities of any open source CMS available today.

We will then present the major benefits Magnolia brings to your enterprise, and talk about some existing implementations to give an overview of where Magnolia is useful.

An overview of coming attractions will wrap up the talk.

My second proposal recylcles my previous investment into researching the evaluation of open source communities, which I did for my series of articles for the Enterprise Open Source Journal (released any day now):

This talk looks at "The Community" from an enterprise perspective. From the premise that "Open Source is more than access to code" we define what "The Community" is, why it is important for your enterprise, and how to gauge the liveliness of any open source project. We provide some real world numbers for content management system communities. It ends with an overview how your enterprise can benefit by becoming part of a "The Community" itself.

Lets hope this is the stuff the LinuxTag guys are interested in ;-)

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