Monday, January 30, 2006

The bigger picture

I recently commented on "Should BPM be a part of ECM":

One of the core ideas behind Magnolia 3.0's integration of openWFE is exactly that - making Magnolia part of a potential enterprise wide process management system. This allows to create content as part of a wider process, possibly involving completely different systems and technologies (openWFE is the only open-source distributed cross-platform BPM I know of and includes options to talk to it via REST, .net, Java, perl, ruby and python (I probably missed a couple).

As an example, look at the processes for an e-commerce based community plattform. This might include creating events and allowing people to register to these. The creation of an event is more than adding a web page - it needs to be organized first, and publishing and announcing it is part of the bigger picture. After that, the registrations need to be managed, additional registration information might be sent out, participants might have access to specific information on the page etc. pp.

You quickly see the power - and necessity - to provide business process integration as part of your (content management) solution once you realize that content is there for a purpose, and does not exist in a vacuum.

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