Monday, December 19, 2005

Entwicklung Schweiz

For the last 18 months I have been part of a network called "Entwicklung Schweiz" (Development Switzerland). Our humble aim is to create more jobs with a higher value creation within Switzerland and its border areas.

On Dec. 9th we have held our second public innovation event, this time in the "Haus Konstruktiv" (English website available) in Zürich. I was a speaker on the subject of outgoing open source as a innovative business oportunity, and about building communities, which is what we try to do with "Entwicklung Schweiz" - here we think of cross-functional, cross-corporate communities.

The event was well received, lets see who of the participants will join forces with us to move on - we are in the process of building clusters, and I will joined the project management cluster, where we will combine best-of-breed tools with the extensive project management knowhow of the network.

Anyways, the Haus Konstruktiv is a cool place, go visit it the next time you are in Zurich.

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