Tuesday, December 27, 2005

JSR-170 support?

Its not trivial to change an existing software's architecture and philosophy just to be "JSR-170 conform". While its easy to be level-1 compliant (that means certain read-only methods exist), its a lot harder to implement level-2 (meaning you can write data as well).

However, claiming you support level-2 is easy if you just use an existing repository to store some arbitrary data that is generally irrelevant (i.e. you can add jackrabbit to your jars and claim you are level-2 conform while you are not using it).

Marketing-wise, everybody will be JSR-170 12 months from now. (just look at the ridiculous JSR-170 "support" you get with alfresco, jboss portal or websphere).

Thats the problem with all standards - when JSR-168 was final, you could buy JSR-168 compliant portal servers - just that the sales person would tell you " if you use this in JSR-168 compliant mode, you will not get feature a,b, c and e-z".

Of course, openCMS will support JSR-170, too. They will have to or they will die the slow death of an aging customer base. But changing openCMS to truly use JSR-170 is a rewrite of their software.

Here is my suggestion: simply use Magnolia instead.

Monday, December 19, 2005


Today I have won a major contract in the USA - I am really happy about it because it is a very interesting project with lots of integration work of other applications with Magnolia. It will be a great playground for JSR-170, and has large potential for our business process navigator. It will provide for a lot of extensions to Magnolia in the realm of community management. It also includes developer training, support and hosting - what more can one ask for?

The amazing thing is that the very nature of open source development comes in handy when you start offering services globally - we already know how to work with a distributed mutli-cultural team living in different time zones, speaking different languages, working on different parts of the same application. Thats just what we need for a project that takes place many thousand kilometers away from our place, where we will be working with client's staff as well as our US partners.

I am really looking forward to this one.

Entwicklung Schweiz

For the last 18 months I have been part of a network called "Entwicklung Schweiz" (Development Switzerland). Our humble aim is to create more jobs with a higher value creation within Switzerland and its border areas.

On Dec. 9th we have held our second public innovation event, this time in the "Haus Konstruktiv" (English website available) in Zürich. I was a speaker on the subject of outgoing open source as a innovative business oportunity, and about building communities, which is what we try to do with "Entwicklung Schweiz" - here we think of cross-functional, cross-corporate communities.

The event was well received, lets see who of the participants will join forces with us to move on - we are in the process of building clusters, and I will joined the project management cluster, where we will combine best-of-breed tools with the extensive project management knowhow of the network.

Anyways, the Haus Konstruktiv is a cool place, go visit it the next time you are in Zurich.

Thursday, December 08, 2005


Next week sees our Magnolia training partners hold a Magnolia training in Los Angeles again. This time they rented a room in a hotel called Aliso Creek Inn in Laguna Beach. Guess what the name of the conference room is where the training is held? Its called Magnolia Conference Room.

I just love these oddities of life. If you do, too, you might also be interested in the the coincidentist blogg - a collection of coincidents from a dear friend of mine, Francisco.