Monday, December 08, 2003

sunrise & T610 - roaming via GPRS

I have successfully configured my T610 and my new 12" G4 PB to surf via Sunrise GPRS on OSX
I need my new apple laptop running OSX 10.3 to access the net wirelessly via Bluetooth in the coming weeks. Interesting enough, thats easy if you know how, but hard if you don't. Firstly, sunrise provides a download for an app that should do the trick, but it doesn't work (did not find my device even though I use bluetooth all the time).

So I called sunrise internet support (0844 505 505). (After I first have been waiting in two other support numbers for hours, they finally told me that I should use the internet support number for my mobile ?!).

I needed to explain the problem, as usual I already knew more about the whole issue than the guy giving me support (Do you have Bluetooth? How far is the mobile from the laptop? you get the idea...), but after that he was able to find out the CID of Sunrise, which is *99***1#

This seems to be more or less universal, as I have already found that number on the web for some other provider. But see below.

You will also need a account-name and password, which is "new" and "new" :-)

So, first I removed my device from the list of known devices and started the apple bluetooth setup assistant. Add the new device, and make sure that you select "data service" as an available service.

After successful pairing of the devices, start network preferences, and add the above information to the USB Bluetooth Modem Adaptor.

After trying this, I noticed that I could connect, but surfing was impossible (timeout). Finally, I checked the data accounts available inside the "connections" menu of the T610. There are a number of data accounts, the first being "sunrise WAP GPRS", the second is sunrise WEB GPRS.

Now, if you check the details, there is actually a field called CID (!!). It has the value 1 for the first, 2 for the second entry, etc.

So, I changed the CID given to me from the sunrise internet support from *99***1# to *99***2# and guess what, now it uses GPRS instead of WAP, and works like a charm!

Finally, the whole issue is solved, except that I just found out that sunrise has no GPRS roaming partner in New-Zealand, which is where I will spend some time soon - and which is why I started the whole thing in the first place. So I guess I will have to get a phone card there :-)

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