Monday, November 17, 2003

Magnolia 1.0 released

We have finally released Magnolia 1.0 and the downloads are mounting. Rank 1014 on sourceforge last Saturday!
We have just released Magnolia, the free, open source, J2EE compatible content management system, last Friday evening. Of course, these are exciting times. While I wait for the sourceforge stats to be updated, this Sunday we had 1000 unique visitors to (which is 10 times the normal daily visits), and since we added Magnolia to versiontracker (only the OSX section) last night, we have 300 downloads this morning on VT alone.

Also people start writing about Magnolia in their Blogs, like Gregor ( who finds the first impression spartanic. That is excellent, because I hate over-bloated user interfaces. Anyway, he likes the way users are able to move content around - one feature I personally love as well.

So lets see where this new journey leads us to.

Oh, the new stats are there now: 125 downloads on sourceforge last Saturday, that brings the known total to roughly 500 at the moment. And we are on rank 1014 (last Saturday). I just can't wait to see the Sunday stats :-)

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